Ethicians, no matter where they are, may conduct “Self-Services”, during the period beginning one hour before sunset and ending at sunset on Saturday evenings. If your faith tradition calls for worship on days other than Saturday then feel free to conduct a “Self-Service” on any day of the week. 

Although formal services are conducted one hour before sunset each Saturday evening at The Holy Trinity Wilderness Cathedral, we are anxious for there to be ongoing “Self-Services” conducted as Planet Eden rotates and the sun sets around the planet.

“Self-Services” may be as simple or as complex as you wish but should be conducted in a peaceful setting with a view of Creation, if at all possible.

Click here to see an example of the standard liturgy.

Please e-mail us a description of your “Self-Service” including location, weather conditions, any special aspects of God’s Creation evident such as a glorious sunset, the call of an egret, the howling of a wolf or other special or spiritual occurrence.

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